Abora Features

The Abora hypertext system is intended to be composed of a server component, client API and a variety of client applications demonstrating the capabilities of the server. The server provides a sophisticated and general data management system. Some examples of its use could be as the core of a dynamic web-site, or as a document server for a company network, or even as the repository for a lifetime of personal notes, references and writings.

The following gives a brief summary of some of the tasks and uses that Abora will be able to help with:

Xanalogical Features

The core Abora features are inspired by Xanadu and derive from the capabilities of the underlying Ent data structure as present in Udanax-Gold.


The features list summarises a series of very interesting differences against the standard WWW or even the innumerable custom web-site implementations. Given all this good news, what should one be concerned about?