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Project Xanadu

XOC - Xanadu Operating Company

Project Xanadu People

Ted Nelson

Ted Nelson is the originator of the Xanadu project that has had a huge impact on the Abora project.

Ted Nelson > Books

Note that JFax pages are simply multi-page TIFF files which should be readable by most graphics packages.

Ted Nelson > Papers, articles and patents

Ted Nelson > Interviews

Xanadu History

Xanadu History > Open-Sourcing of Green & Gold in 1999

Xanadu History > The Curse of Xanadu Wired Article

Technical Documentation

Copyright and legal issues

Xanalogical Uses and Scenarios

Xanalogical Demos and Applications

So much for all the talk. What can you download today to play with, or what web services out there provide an interesting stab at a xanalogical system?

General Xanalogical and Related Links

General Hypertext

Zig Zag


XML Linking

Information Longevity